Wijk! Cirque de la Liberte Arnhem,
The Netherlands
26 Sept. - 13 Oct.

Angelo, Cirque Bouffon Cologne, Germany
Dec. - Jan.

Quotes from the press

“Helena Bittencourt e Goos Meeuwsen, are two clowns, two actors, two acrobats that pursuit the capacity of shaping their caracters filled with humanity , naive, philosophers, elegantly decadent, comic and full of surrealism .. They move with lightness and extreme dexterity on the scene. They use elegantly minuscule details to build tragicomic situations.”
Torino today, Italy
Bianco su Bianco

"They are not straightforward clowns in traditional circus, they are especially Clown Characters that sometimes move the audience into tears"
Piet Venhuizen, De Gelderlander

“... And in spite of the fact that only two performers acting on stage (the exceptional Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen), here we are in the paradigm of the whole clown category ... The three main types of clowns are: the clown-speaker , The "clown de reprise" (the one responsible for filling the voids and relaunching the representation) and the clown-august (by definition "the man who takes the slaps"). And Bittencourt and Meeuwsen incarnate all three of them... "
Enrico fiore, controscena, Italy
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"Goos Meeuwsen and Helena Bittencourt give a modern touch to it, and the Arnhem culture lovers have never seen anything like this, they love it, Also because they are also good and very funny!”
Arthur Hormeester, De Piste
Fashionata, Cirque de la Mode 

“Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen are the outstanding performers of this tragicomic performance with surreal and gently melancholic colors”
Napoliteatro Festival, Italy
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"Themselves ,they play with lots of feeling for mime, slapstick and melodrama... hilarious clown acts."
  Annette Embrechts, De Volkskrant**** four star review
STROOM, Cirque de la Liberte

...”But defining them as 'actors' is probably reductive: Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen have not only played (in a language other than them: she is Brazilian and he Dutch), but also sung, played (a guitar and a saw) Numbers of clown and acrobatics. On the stage the two move lightly building tragicomic situations with a very high precision”
Altarimininews, Italy
Bianco su Bianco

"Immersed in this surprising scenic machine, the sing -song voice of Helena enriches the story with anecdotes between the real and the unreal."
Bianco su Bianco

"Helena Bittencourt, Goos Meeuwsen and Joachim Ciocca have the audience in there hands during Hoop!"
De Gelderlander, Marco van Nek
HOOP! Cirque de la Liberte

"Hoop! is a show with speed, where the apparent chaos is skilled directed."
De Gelderlander, Marco van Nek
HOOP! Cirque de la Liberte

"He is one of the best clown characters of The Netherlands, or maybe the best one: Goos Meeuwsen"
Annette Embrechts, De Volkskrant**** four star review
HOOP! Cirque de la Liberte