Fashionata, Cirque de la Mode

Fashionata, cirque de la Mode, circus is in its most sparkling form. With music, singing, clowning and acrobatics. The heart of this circus show is made up of four musicians and four circus artists (from the world famous Cirque du Soleil). They provide a one and a half hour show that keeps the visitor on the edge of his chair, moves and doing roar of laughter.
Fashion is the central theme of this particular circus shows. ‘What we wear says something about who we are. The clown is here perhaps be the most striking example’.


Redactioneel Arenacum dec. 2013 door Francien van Zetten,

De Gelderlander 6 juni 2014

De Gelderlander 7 juni 2014

De Koerier 11 juni 2014

De Gelderlander 13 juni 2014

De Gelderlander 16 juni 2014